Burl Wood Nightstand - A Side Table with Character and Charm

last updated on:
June 30, 2023
written by:
Sanjana Malhotra

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Imagine a faithful companion that stands beside you, day and night, providing unwavering support in both sickness and health. This extraordinary piece of furniture holds the key to our most cherished secrets and treasured possessions. 

A nightstand - the one that can be a personal statement piece and styled in numerous ways.

And with a little twist of the Burlwood brouhaha! Your bedside buddy that'll make all the other nightstands jealous. Burlwood barks have intricate and rare patterns. These burls are formed when a tree experiences any kind of stress and injury. 

As a result, their patterns are quite dramatic and artistic in nature and can be transformed into modern furniture, sculptures, accessories, and any piece of home decor.

Here are some intriguing Burl Wood Nightstand pieces that can add more character to your bedside: 

1. Natural Burl Wood Nightstand

Natural burl wood nightstand made in manufactured wood from Wayfair with distressed finish, dovetail joints, gorgeous tapered legs and swirling maple burl veneers

Shop directly from Wayfair

Last updated price: $455.99

Like to make a bold statement? We have a perfect fit with a mix of modern and mid-century styles. The square tapered leg with gold detailing and hardware adds a royal flair to the bedroom. With the natural texture of burlwood, each piece has its pattern which gives a custom-made feel unique to oneself. It has ample drawer storage for all the personal essentials right by your bed.

2. Mapa Burl Wood Side Table

Wooden and satin brass side table in square shape from Etsy with light wood finish designed by Ceylan Dundar

Shop directly from Etsy

Last updated price: $949

A rare find with the sleek satin brass base and Mapa burl wood top! The thick burlwood on top with brass legs balances the design visually. The brass highlights add to the bling and the uniqueness of the burlwood together giving us a clean design. Place it next to your bedside, and use the space below to add a small indoor plant, it has endless possibilities for personalization.

3. Curved Burl Wood Nightstand

Modern vintage style burl wood nightstand from McGee & Co with soft-edges, open-shelving and antique brass hardware

Shop directly from McGee & Co.

Last updated price: $1087.50

Add a warm touch to the bedside, just like a warm cup of coffee on a cloudy rainy day. This piece is subtle & romantic with soft edges and easy on the eyes—a uniquely crafted piece with burl wood, and rounded edges with both open-shelving and drawer storage, the best of both worlds! The antique brass knob adds a touch of vintage style.

4. Handmade Mapa Burl Wood Nightstand

Handmade burl wood nightstand with drawer from Etsy in high quality rose wood glossy finish

Shop directly from Etsy

Last updated price: $1199

This nightstand immediately catches one's attention. Handmade bedside table with mapa burl veneer with black lacquered solid wood legs. It is a perfect combination of modern & edgy. You can order it with the customization of one drawer or two. A great addition to your bedroom indeed.

5. Modern Burl Wood Side Table

Versatile burl wood end table in modern style from Arhaus with handfinished swirling wood grain detail that are artisan-crafted to suit various interior settings

Shop directly from Arhaus

Last updated price: $1299

An exquisite modern nightstand. It is sophisticated, something that will not go unnoticed in a room. Available in two tones - warm honey or rich brown to suit the accent of your room decor.  A true statement piece with simplicity at its best. This piece is crafted with mappa burl wood creating an interesting visual texture.

6. Handcrafted Burl Wood Side Table

Square base light shaded burl wood nightstand from Lulu and Georgia with organic patchwork drawer, mahogany veneer and seamless appeal

Shop directly from Lulu and Georgia

Last Updated Price: $1349

Seamless and stylish with a mix of ash burlwood & mahogany veneer, this piece stands out for its elegantly handcrafted work. The drama of the burls neutralizes with the soothing tone . The drawer is done with a patchwork of burlwood all placed by hand which makes it a unique addition to your bedside.

7. Mid-Century Burl Wood Nightstand

Modern lane burl wood nightstand from 1st Dibs made with clean modernist lines, quality American craftsmanship

Shop directly from 1stDibs

Last updated price: $1895

If you are one of the collectors and have an eye for collectibles, then let's talk about the OG Milo Baughman. The furniture by Milo is famous for its modern style through the second half of the 20th century. His pieces are timeless classics. Just have a look at these nightstands, classic, functional & a forever piece. The item has a deep drawer & a pull-out surface! So thoughtful to have that extra surface handy. Now this is an original piece designed by the man himself, not inspired. It is indeed a beautiful burlwood grain.

And that's our creme de la creme list of exquisite Burl Wood Nightstand pieces.

Each option comes with its own unique style and adds character and charm to your bedroom. 

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Sanjana Malhotra
Architectural Writer

Sanjana is an architect and avid writer with a passion for cities. She holds a Masters in Architecture and Urbanism from the Manchester School of Architecture in the UK.

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