The Green Sideboard - A Magical Verdant Haven in Your Home

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August 9, 2023
writen by:
Megha Anand

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In the heart of the enchanted forest, where the ancient trees whisper secrets to the winds, stands yet another handmade wooden marvel of nature's craftsmanship: the Green Sideboard, an ode to Gaia herself. It is more than a piece of furniture; it is a living testament to the interwoven dance of life and a sanctuary of natural wonders.

Carved from the emerald-hued heartwood of the oldest tree in the forest, it exudes an ethereal glow, as if infused with the very essence of the woodland's spirit. Its smooth or distressed surfaces bear the gentle undulations of leaves in the breeze, and intricate patterns of vines and roots adorn its edges, celebrating the ever-circling cycle of growth and renewal.

For those who seek solace in the embrace of Mother Nature, the green sideboard is more than a piece of furniture—it is a sacred homage to the very essence of life, a connection to Gaia, and a reminder of the delicate dance we share with the natural world.

What is a sideboard?

A sideboard is a furniture piece typically found in dining rooms or living spaces. It features a flat top surface for serving food or displaying decor, and storage space behind doors or drawers for storing tableware, linens, or other items. It serves both functional and decorative purposes in a room. It can also be placed in a bedroom, based on the user’s requirements and room design.

Let us take a look at these enchanted green sideboard pieces that we have selected below

1. Distressed Wooden Sage Green Sideboard

Distressed wooden green sideboard with decorativee leg supports from Wayfair

Shop directly from Wayfair

Last updated price: $319.99

This green sideboard displays a distressed sort of look with steady brush strokes on the surface of the shutters and drawers. It works well in a farmhouse-style interior setup as well.

Styling Tip: It works well with the Rustic Bohemian Dining Table from our boho dining table collection.

2. Fluted Curved Dark Green Sideboard

Fluted, curved green sideboard with gold legs from Wayfair

Shop directly from Wayfair

Last updated price: $384.99

This simple, sleek green sideboard design has a curved outlook with thin fluted shutters that conceal sufficient storage space within. The gold legs add some luxe to the overall look of the unit. 

Quick Tip: It can work with contemporary home settings and luxury interiors as well, depending on the rest of the furniture and walls in the room.

Styling Tip: Place the Upholstered Hello Dark Green Accent Chair with this piece to witness the charm!

3. Elegant Country Floral Olive Green Sideboard

Country-farmhouse style, midcentury olive green floral sideboard from Etsy

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Last updated price: $1,495

A perfect prima transfer floral olive green credenza unit with 9 drawers, finished in gold rims. It is curved outward and has a smooth gradient paint-finished black wax surface.

Quick Tip: It stands out against a white shiplap wall or solid wall texture and dusty dark wooden flooring for a Bohemian-country look.

4. Bone Inlay Mint Green Sideboard

Bone inlay, intricate patterned, mint green sideboard from Etsy

Shop directly from Etsy

Last updated price: $1,735.41 onwards (based on size)

A unique handcrafted bone inlay sideboard with tapered legs for base support. It has an intricate pattern in mint green on off-white colors and truly brightens up the space in your bedroom/dining room area.

5. Traditional Gold and Light Green Sideboard

Traditional luxury gold rim drawers and light green sideboard with artwork throughout from wayfair

Shop directly from Wayfair

Last updated price: $2,259.99

Due to its artisanal craftsmanship and luxurious appeal, this accent cabinet is dedicated to upholding traditional handmade methods, featuring pure hand-painted designs for exquisite and personalized charm. It’s also inlaid with attention to detail, adding to its retro-style appeal.

Sustainable Feature: The cabinet body is crafted from an eco-friendly MDF board, ensuring stability and practicality while creating a fresh and natural abode. And handpainted with environmental-friendly green paints.

The hardware finish is in gold, complementing the green color of the top and base of the cabinet.

The drawers are felt-lined, ensuring scratch resistance, and equipped with safety stops and full extension glides for smooth operation.

The overall design is standard, featuring a rectangular shape with a finished back and straight legs made of solid wood.

6. Country Victorian Forest Green Sideboard

Victorian style country forest green sideboard with storage from Etsy

Shop directly from Etsy

Last updated price: $3,195

This stunning Victorian buffet effortlessly blends elegance and charm, seamlessly fusing traditional and modern elements while retaining its authentic character. 

Meticulously refinished in a highly desirable forest green antiqued finish, this piece showcases natural dark wooden legs and exquisite toile-lined cabinets. 

Quick Tip: It is the perfect addition to a Victorian-style home, a traditional setting, a French country interior, or a modern-themed space. This unique, solid wood vintage classic is truly unparalleled and an essential addition to any collector's repertoire.

7. Luxury Geometric Emerald Green Sideboard

Triangular geometry, luxury style, emerald green sideboard from Wayfair

Shop directly from Wayfair

Last updated price: $3,459.99

This bold green sideboard is a display of refinement, characterized by its beveled line design that forms a captivating and distinctive pattern on the front. 

Complemented by lucite and brass bar pulls and legs, this piece is certain to make a striking impact in any modern setting.

Opening the sideboard's doors reveals a secret garden within, where shelves of polished stones and gems sparkle like stars beneath the moonlit sky in some cases. A meticulously crafted miniature ecosystem of a self-contained world of thriving flora and fauna.

The green sideboard becomes more than just a place to store belongings; it becomes a bridge between the human realm and the mystical realm of nature. As if Gaia herself had whispered a gentle reminder, urging us to cherish and protect the green wonders that surround us.

Are you a fan yet? If you want to explore more such products, go ahead and check out our curated collection of pro shopping pieces where you’ll find a plethora of furniture from leading brands!

Megha Anand
Design Researcher

Megha is an award winning artist, architect, and design researcher with an unending love for LEGO. She has a fascination for materials, inclusive furniture, and color psychology.

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