Alabaster Sconce - A Radiant Beauty on your Wall

August 11, 2023
written by:
Megha Anand
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Step into a world where enchantment and illumination converge and, where fairy tales come to life - a mystical masterpiece awaits here; the Alabaster Sconce, a marvel that channels the ethereal essence of the movie Tangled. 

As its gentle glow dances upon your wall, you'll be transported to the mesmerizing lantern festival of lights, where dreams take flight amid a sea of luminaries in splendor. 

An alabaster wall sconce, reminiscent of Rapunzel's artistic spirit and the brilliance of lanterns ablaze, dances between reality and dreams to embrace you warmly with radiance, bringing the allure of sparkling bright lights into your home. 

Let’s “shed some light” on these alabaster sconces and their history: The sconce is a very old form of decorative lighting fixture that is usually mounted on the wall and used for general room lighting. It can also act as accent/featured lighting in some cases. The alabaster is basically a soft mineral or rock that is great for carving.

Curated below is a list of 5 finely crafted, unique alabaster sconce picks from leading brands

1. Antique Glass Alabaster Sconce Light

Antique bronze, alabaster glass sconce light fixture from Home Depot

Shop directly from Home Depot

Last Update Price: $84.37

This attractive outdoor glass alabaster sconce lantern fixture brings together contemporary technology and classic aesthetics, offering a distinctive element for your home or business design while meeting your lighting requirements. The vintage-inspired wall-mounted sconce incorporates modern LED technology and features a charming amber alabaster glass shade, enhancing the overall decor.

2. Marble Round Alabaster Sconce

Moonshine round marble alabaster sconce from Etsy

Shop directly from Etsy

Last Update Price: $99 onwards (based on size)

Unveil the magic, and let your imagination soar with this statement piece! Just like the glow or reflection of the moon on a surface, illuminating the night. It represents the ethereal beauty of the moonlight.

Styling Tip: This would work great with the Luxury Creative Japandi Dining Table set up and a textured/solid painted muted color wall.

3. Egyptian Striped Rectangular Alabaster Wall Sconce

Natural stone, egyptian style striped rectangular alabaster sconce from Etsy

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Last Update Price: $104.99

A natural stone, rectangular alabaster wall sconce with stripes and colorful earthy shaded vertical bands that stand out as the shadows of the light behind. This lamp is a rare find and open on both ends - top, and bottom, where it projects the light subtly.

Quick Tip: It goes well with a plain solid wall and flooring with no textures.

4. Faux Luminary Alabaster Wall Sconce

Rustic, marble pattern, dim alabaster wall sconce from Lamps Plus

Shop directly from Lamps Plus

Last Update Price: $158.40

This lovely, farmhouse-style, fluid-textured, elegant alabaster wall sconce offers the radiant and cozy ambiance of exquisite alabaster glass with a charming dark bronze base. 

The glass showcases a rustic and dramatic touch with its unique broken rim design, making it a perfect lighting option for hallways, dining spaces, family rooms, bathrooms, or bedrooms.

5. Oval Alabaster Sconce

Natural alabaster stone oval shaped wall sconce from Anthropologie

Shop directly from Anthropologie

Last Update Price: $298

This unique oval alabaster sconce is UL tested and crafted with natural alabaster stone and makes a great addition to entryway spaces and classic dining room spaces. 

It has a chic outlook and flairs out with ray lighting on both sides which forms a wall art piece of its own.

Styling Tip: This will fit well with the Modern Beige Arm Chair from the Beige Accent Chair collection.

Illuminating the path to newfound freedom and self-discovery like a lantern guiding lost souls, the radiance of an alabaster sconce mirrors the transformative journey of the spirited princess, Rapunzel, and how she uses the light within her to navigate her way through life! 

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Megha Anand
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