Concrete Pendant Light - Illuminate Your Space with Elegance

August 9, 2023
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In the realm of interior design, lighting stands as the brushstroke that paints the canvas of ambiance.

Imagine your living space adorned with a captivating concrete pendant light – a harmonious blend of raw urbanity and understated luxury. 

Our latest blog explores the enchanting world of these industrial-inspired luminaries, delving into their charm which can transform kitchens into culinary sanctuaries, dining rooms into cozy feasting alcoves, and bedrooms into serene havens.

Get ready to be enlightened by these suspended wonders,  with our top concrete pendant light picks:

1. Colorful Concrete Pendant Light

Colorful concrete pendant lights with light wooden accents and burnt orange shades

Shop directly from Homary

Last Updated Price: $49.99

Do colorful things make you happy? We believe these colorful concrete pendant lights could be the perfect choice for you. 

The contrast of the orange with the light wood top would make any space feel cozy and comfortable. Pair it up or keep it single, either way, these pendant lights are sure to brighten up your space with charm

Design tip - These lights can make any space look approachable. So try styling them in a semi-formal space like a dining room to make the area friendlier. 

2. Concrete Dome Pendant Light

Dark gray dome concrete pendant light with supported on a chain

Shop directly from Wayfair

Last Updated Price: $69.39

If you tend to gravitate towards vintage pieces, then we suspect that this dome pendant light made out of concrete might be up your alley. With the dark cement color and metal chain these lights have a rustic charm to them. 

Design tip - If you like rustic, industrial, or farmhouse kitchens then these lights would effortlessly help you execute these styles on a budget. 

3. Large Concrete Pendant Light

Large unique concrete pendant light with wooden top

Shop directly from Serena & Lily

Last Updated Price: $199.99

Are neutral palettes more your thing? We might have just the light that’s right for you. This concrete pendant light is enormous with a light wood top that ties it all together. 

Quick tip - Pair these lights with furniture like a White Concrete Console Table to maintain the sophistication of the space

Design tip - Use texture like jute or crochet to complement these lights beautifully.

4. White Concrete Pendant Light 

White flute-shaped concrete pendant light supported by an industrial chain

Shop directly from Wayfair

Last Updated Price: $200

Do you typically drift to minimalistic things? This uniquely shaped white concrete pendant light might fit your description to the tea. The clean finish of the light is certain to add elegance to your space. 

Design tip - This can be paired alongside timber finish furniture to accentuate and bring out the white from the pendant light. 

5. Modern Concrete Pendant Lights

Modern tiny spherical dark concrete pendant lights with varying heights

Shop directly from Homary

Last Updated Price: $224.99

Aim for the stars and moon through this assortment of tiny concrete pendant lights. The dreamy gray looks celestial when styled right. The minimalistic design of the pendant lights contributes to the allure of your space. 

Quick tip - The addition of a dreamy accent chair like the Blue and Pink Velvet Accent Chair, can tie the whole space together. 

Design tip - Arrange the lights in a random order based on height to transform them into a statement piece.

6. Black Concrete Pendant Light

Black long concrete pendant light with a polished top

Shop directly from Lamplus

Last Updated Price: $224.99

Last but not least we have a showstopper piece. This black concrete pendant light is sure to grab the attention of your visitors through its unique and exquisite design. 

The different textures in the pendant light add to the lavish feel of your space. 

Quick tip - Be in theme and pair this light with a sophisticated black accent chair.

Design tip - This light would look great against a moodier and darker background, like a light gray or olive green wall. 

Alas, we have reached the end. 

We had fun putting together this list, and hope you find a suitable concrete pendant light to enhance your space. 

And if you’re still yearning for more, check out our list of designer curated lighting and lighting collections from leading brands.

Pratistha Jagannath
Architectural Writer

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