Patterned Accent Chair - Blue to Black, Patterns that Delight

Last updated on:
July 31, 2023
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Are you looking for a seamless way to add dimension and character to a space? To be spoiled with choice and to dream beyond your imagination?

A patterned accent chair is among the effortless hacks to customize a space to make it unique.

With their eye-catching designs, patterned accent chairs serve as focal points that elevate the overall aesthetic of a room. 

From bold geometric patterns to intricate floral motifs, these chairs offer diverse styles to suit various tastes.

Whether placed in a cozy reading nook or as a statement piece in the living room, patterned accent chairs carefully blend functionality with artistic charm, making them a must-have for interior enthusiasts.

Keep an eye out for our top patterned accent chair picks that would fit perfectly in your space 

1. Moroccan Upholstered Patterned Accent Chair

Blue Moroccan print accent chair paired with a matching foot rest by Wayfair

Shop directly from Wayfair

Last Updated Price: $109.99

This Moroccan print-themed teal armchair with a matching footrest is the perfect pattern accent chair to elevate your interiors by adding a refreshing yet classy touch to the space. Dynamic yet inviting this set adds a lot of dimension to your space. 

Styling Tip: This piece would go really well with the Black Walnut Media Console to create a balanced yet sophisticated look

2. Modern Patterned Rocking Chair

Black and white pattern tufted accent rocking chair from Homary

Shop directly from Homary

Last Updated Price: $249.99

Rock your way into stylish interiors with this peppy white and black patterned accent rocking chair. Plus the chair gives a pop of bright orange on the outside. This modern rocking chair adds sleekness and interest without compromising on the luxury of the product 

3. Teal Blue Patterned Armchair 

Teal and white motif pattern upholstered armchair from Wayfair

Shop directly from Wayfair 

Last Updated Price: $299.99 

Amp up your space by styling this patterned arm chair with a quatrefoil pattern on it, the unique teal armchair raises curiosity without looking odd in a space. Use this patterned armchair for a pop of color and dimension in the interiors. 

4. Navy Blue Pattern Accent Chair 

Blue and white chequered gingham accent chair from Wayfair

Shop directly from Wayfair

Last Updated Price: $299.99 

Looking for a versatile yet quirky patterned accent chair, this upholstered armchair by Wayfair is perfect for you. The blue gingham adds an inviting atmosphere to your space making it cozy and comfortable. This could be your favorite spot to chill on a rainy day.  

5. Plaid Black and White Pattern Accent Chair 

Black and white plaid patterned plush accent chair by Lulu and Georgia

Shop directly from Lulu and Georgia 

Last Updated Price: $998

Upgrade your space by getting a simple plaid accent chair that would beautifully compliment your existing furniture while adding a layer of sophistication. Finesse your way into a style by adding plaid prints to your interior space. It is the perfect addition to a quaint home office or neutral palette living room. 

6. White Checkered Accent Chair

White and beige chequered lounge accent chair by McGee & Co

Shop directly from McGee & Co. 

Last Updated Price: $1450

Want to keep things classy yet interesting? Add a vintage flair to your living space by styling a neutral-tone checkered cushion accent chair. The soft palette of the checkered print will blend in seamlessly with all pieces of furniture without looking chaotic. 

7. Patterned Art Deco Accent Chair

Art deco inspired patterned accent chaise chair by Anthropologie

Shop directly from Anthropologie 

Last Updated Price: $1498

Inspired by the glam and glitz of the Deco Movement, this blue geometric patterned accent chair is the best to jazz up your space. Add vibrance and a layer of depth into the space with this accent chaise chair without having to compromise on comfort.

8. Contemporary Patterned Accent Chair

Braided texture linen patterned accent chair by Arhaus

Shop directly from Arhaus

Last Updated Price: $1499

If you’re a minimalist this Patterned accent chair can be a great addition to your space. Check out this braided texture linen white accent chair to blend in seamlessly while adding character to your interiors. This minimalistic monochromatic accent chair would appease everyone. 

Have we tickled your design spirit yet? Start flaunting your artistic side by styling a Patterned Accent Chair in your space. 

Another fun experiment could be to pair up your pattern accent chair with a neutral-toned chair such as a Beige Accent Chair, or more from our curated list of living room furniture from top brands.

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Pratistha Jagannath
Architectural Writer

Pratistha is an architect with a strong passion for writing and research. She loves exploring exotic places and eclectic styles. Architecture has turned her into a aficionado for for historic buildings and urban centers.

Pratistha Jagannath
Architectural Writer

Pratistha is an architect with a strong passion for writing and research. She loves exploring exotic places and eclectic styles. Architecture has turned her into a aficionado for for historic buildings and urban centers.

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