Walnut Media Console - The Nutty Scientist of Entertainment

Last updated on:
June 26, 2023
written by:
Megha Anand
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If you’re looking for a walnut media console, congratulations! That means you’re in for a major upgrade to your living space, in what is surely an exciting time for you. 

Media consoles are an opportunity to define your living room. They are placed slightly apart from your central pieces of the seating, coffee table, and rug. 

You can either go for a piece that blends into a cohesive design, or something which stands out.

There’s also the decision to opt for something sleek and minimal, or something with more storage and utility. Keep an eye out to not crowd your console too much, such that they make for a distraction when watching TV. 

Whatever your preference, we’ve got some great walnut media console picks to add to your excitement. 

Their luscious walnut finish is surely the ultimate eye candy for design aficionados and style enthusiasts alike.

Walnut makes for a great addition if your other living room furniture has wooden finishes, and pairs exceptionally well with burl wood furniture (you can check out some of our burl wood coffee table picks here)

So get ready to welcome a media console that is a cut above the rest - a real nut-cracker that is cooked up in a fancy lab!

Bring home a showstopper, with these handpicked favorites from top brands:

1. Black Walnut Media Console

Open Shelf and Bookshelf,  Black and Walnut Finish media Console From Etsy

Shop directly from Etsy

Last Updated Price: $129.49

Look no further than our sleek and modern walnut media console with a combination of vertical and horizontal shelves aligned in a recessed and progressed pattern. This nutty fellow offers open storage space for all your black and brown tech gear. It's so stylish, you might just go in for more!

2. Rattan Media Console in Dark Walnut Finish

Gilus Walnut with two drawers and two open horizontal shelf Media Console by Wayfair

Shop directly from Wayfair

Last Updated Price: $349.99

Looking for a media console that's both modern and rustic? The rattan media console in a rich walnut finish with its perfect blend of brown, bold, and beautiful – an eye-catching design, that is sure to be the centerpiece of any room. Plus, it's the perfect place to store all your framed art masterpiece or even your favorite movies and games – just don't forget the popcorn!

3. Black Modern Walnut Media Console

Crater Rectangle Wood Extendable TV Stand Black and Walnut Media Console with 3-Drawer

Shop directly from Homary

Last Updated Price: $699.99

Streamline your TV wall with this walnut media console that can be used in a minimalist setting and make the room look spacious. The ultimate media sidekick in its sleek, modern, appeal. This black and brown beauty will give your living room a touch of class. It's so chic, even your remote will feel fancy sitting on it.

4. Contemporary Walnut Media Console

MDF with Ash Veneer body and solid Rubber Wood legs walnut media console by Burrow

Shop directly from Burrow

Last Updated Price: $899

Introducing the ultimate couch potato's dream machine: the sleek and simple walnut media console in Kit Kat brown! It may look unassuming, but this design packs a punch with enough importance to elevate your entire living space, and backdrop, and hold your snack stash too.

5. Walnut Louvered Media Console

Sliding track American Walnut Media console by Castlery

Shop directly from Castlery

Last Updated Price: $999

This media console is the walnut you've been looking for! Louvered doors let your tech breathe easy, while its rustic charm will make all your friends swoon. It's a real media standout – we can't console our excitement!

6. Solid Walnut Media Console

Mid Century Walnut Credenza Media Console, with 3 drawers and two front open flaps by Etsy

Shop directly from Etsy

Last Updated Price: $2,499 (prices vary based on sizes)

This solid, dark brown, midcentury walnut media console is the perfect partner for your binge-watching sessions. It's like the Ron Swanson of furniture - sturdy, reliable, and a little bit retro. Bring on the popcorn and let the entertainment begin! (Psst, it has sufficient storage too!)

7. Buffet Modern Walnut Media Console

Wood Black River Resin Credenza Modern Buffet Cabinet Epoxy Walnut media Console by Etsy

Shop directly from Etsy

Last Updated Price: $3,100

Make heads turn with this modern, buffet vitrine media console that portrays an oceanic wave pattern of wood brown and charcoal black! It’s the ideal storage space for your dinnerware in elegance and style. So don’t think twice if a blend of luxury dining spaces in a nature-based setting excites you! 

Well, it looks like we've cracked it! 

A Walnut Media Console is the ultimate way to add some nutty flair to your entertainment setup.

We hope you’d be grinning from ear to ear picking up any of these stylish and dapper masterpieces from our list.

Megha Anand
Design Researcher

Megha is an award winning artist, architect, and design researcher with an unending love for LEGO. She has a fascination for materials, inclusive furniture, and color psychology.

Megha Anand
Design Researcher

Megha is an award winning artist, architect, and design researcher with an unending love for LEGO. She has a fascination for materials, inclusive furniture, and color psychology.

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