Sustainable Office Furniture - Greening the Workspace

last updated on:
October 16, 2023
written by:
Megha Anand
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In the heart of bustling corporate landscapes, where innovation meets productivity, a silent revolution is taking place;  one that champions the efficiency of the workplace and the wellbeing of our planet. 

Introducing the era of sustainable office furniture: sophisticated, and brimming with eco-conscious flair.

17 billion pounds. That’s how much office furniture heads to landfills every year. And there are plenty more statistics on furniture’s environmental impact for us to be alarmed by.

Imagine an office where desks, chairs, and workstations aren't just functional pieces but also powerful statements of environmental stewardship. 

Crafted from ethically sourced materials and built with a focus on longevity, these pieces redefine the very essence of your workspace. 

From reclaimed wood desks that breathe new life into aged timbers to ergonomic chairs made from recycled plastics, each item is a testament to the power of conscious consumption.

We used the sustainable furniture guide from our friends at Authentic Green Brands for inspiration, and came up with some exquisite sustainable office furniture picks below:

1. Futuristic Sustainable Office Chair

Shop directly from Blu Dot

Last Updated Price: $215

Sustainability: Shipping chairs globally incurs expenses and depletes resources due to the inefficiency of packing chairs in boxes, which primarily contain a lot of vacant space. 

However, with this Real Good sustainable chair, the creators have innovatively designed a superb chair that can be dispatched in an oversized pizza box, thanks to its metal origami design. 

Build & Comfort: It is built using specially perforated bent tubing & sheet metal, allowing users to transform a flat piece into a three-dimensional chair by folding along the designated "dotted line," resembling a form of metal origami. 

The inherent flexibility in the steel unexpectedly provides the chair with remarkable comfort. 

Economic: Additionally, the unique faceted appearance of the chair, stemming from the solution to an economic challenge, conveys its distinctive statement.

Disclaimer: This chair has plastic glides to protect the base of the painted carbon steel legs. 

2. Racer Tait Tomato Sustainable Office Chair

Shop directly from Blu Dot

Last Updated Price: $395

A sustainable racer chair with a cushioned seat and backrest, carefully designed to accentuate its curves, encouraging you to relax and enjoy your time seated. 

The charming channel stitch pattern, while not enhancing its aerodynamics, adds a stylish touch. 

It has a matching powder-coated steel sled base in coordinating colors and is offered in barstool, counter stool, and dining chair variations. The bent wood construction features gentle padding all over.

Material: Supported by an Oblivion powder-coated steel base, upholstered in a blend of Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester and Polyester.

Sustainability: The upholstery fabrics have earned GreenGuard and GreenGuard Gold certifications for meeting stringent standards on low chemical emissions and VOCs, thereby promoting healthy indoor air quality. Overall, this product is BIFMA-rated.

3. Woven Rattan Task Sustainable Office Chair

Shop directly from Viva Terra

Last Updated Price: $409

This sustainable coastal office desk chair effortlessly melds a contemporary design with coastal charm, featuring a gracefully curved metal frame alongside the flexible and elegant woven rattan. 

Functionality: Its top-notch castors and advanced tilt and swivel mechanisms ensure both flawless functionality with a refined, elegant appearance.

Style: This chair effortlessly blends a modern aesthetic with coastal chic, pairing a gracefully curved metal frame with the natural flex of woven rattan in a sophisticated palette. 

A fusion of stylishly relaxed rattan and work-from-home convenience, this chair boasts handwoven rattan over a sturdy steel frame, with a sloped back and curved seat for added comfort. It rolls smoothly and is meticulously handcrafted by artisans in Indonesia.

4. X-Base Writing Sustainable Office Desk

Shop directly from Viva Terra

Last Updated Price: $2,309

Create a simple and sleek workspace using this contemporary, sustainable writing desk. It features an artistic X-shaped base and a weathered charcoal wood finish, providing a laid-back modern look. 

The desk's crossed legs provide stability to a slim tabletop, which includes a wide drawer that can be flipped open to reveal storage space for your keyboard. 

This desk also includes a drop-front center keyboard drawer, is finished on all sides, and has a convenient finger cutout for easy drawer access. Crafted from oak veneer, it boasts a dark charcoal distressed finish.

Styling Tip: This will look good with the Walnut Black Media Console.

5. The Beekman Sustainable Office Desk

Shop directly from Maiden Home

Last Updated Price: $2,750

Handcrafted from richly grained oak, the Beekman exhibits the essence of contemporary artistry. Characterized by its organic shape, unique, freeform structure, beveled edges, and three-legged configuration, its natural form is captivating when viewed from any perspective.

Styling Tip: This desk will look great when paired with the White Boucle Curved Bubble Sofa

6. Curata Modern Gray Sustainable Office Desk

Shop directly from Viva Terra

Last Updated Price: $3,149

Build: This sustainable office desk boasts elegant metal legs and offers three drawers, including a central one with a drop-front for keyboard use, along with two utility drawers and a writing slide.

Design Style: Achieve a carefully selected modern aesthetic by blending a diverse range of refined materials and finishes. 

Handcrafted in Vietnam by artisan, it combines elements such as stainless brushed nickel with contemporary rustic textures to create an uncomplicated yet urban design. 

Drawing inspiration from enduring forms and sophisticated materials, Curata radiates a "less is more" essence, highlighting its streamlined design and meticulous attention to every detail.

We hope you found these sustainable office furniture pieces as stunning as we did. 

And as you’ve seen, going sustainable does not mean having to compromise on style. 

A workspace that doesn't just support your ambitions but also supports the planet is as good as it gets. 

It's time to make a statement, one desk and chair at a time.

Megha Anand
Design Researcher

Megha is an award winning artist, architect, and design researcher with an unending love for LEGO. She has a fascination for materials, inclusive furniture, and color psychology.

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