Burl Wood Console Table - Design Meets Durability

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May 24, 2023
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We all crave to add depth and personality to our designs, right? But finding the right materials is surely like finding a needle in a haystack. 

Wait till you see a burl wood console table!

Well, burl wood obviously has those kaleidoscopic, knotted, and swirly patterns. But that’s not all! This rustic beauty also resists splitting and warping! So you don’t have to fuss over cleaning and maintaining it for years! 

In fact, if you use this swanky finish for your interior focal items such as the console table, I am sure your home’s gonna be the talk of the town! So, welcome burl wood console tables - an exotic, offbeat, yet luxurious solution for your homes!

And here are some of our hand picked favorites from top brands:

1. Geometric Burl Wood Console Table

Retro style, midcentury modern burlwood console table from Etsy with natural satin finish and multiple color options

Shop directly from Etsy

Last Updated Price: $1725.88

This geometric burl wood table is for everyone who wants to sport the 60s or 70s retro look! 

Also, we love this one for its rich, Burnt Sienna tones and natural satin finishes with a grunge, old-book feel. The dark and trippy burl patterns are simply adorable, and sure to steal everyone’s attention with its mid-century feel!

Quick Tip: Try pairing this console with a tabletop or desk mount TV to accentuate the old-school vibes.

2. Burled Wood Console Table

Natural Shura burlwood console table from Anthropologie with two drawers, brass hardware and durable engineered wood

Shop directly from Anthropologie

Last Updated Price: $1598.00

Do you have school-going kids at home? If yes, then you’ll just flip over this handy, minimal piece from Anthropologie. First, it also doubles as a desk and store, and second, it streamlines your wall and accents just enough to be felt. It’s so organic; even your media will feel ‘wow.’

But be careful while pairing this one with large, hi-tech devices. I mean, this one’s a nature mate! So, it’ll stand out well with some ethereal media.

Quick Tip: Pair this burl wood table with some of our white accent chairs for a makeshift desk.

3. Patched Burl Wood Table

Sleek poplar burlwood console table from Lulu & Georgia with luxe natural grain, warm elevating tone and non-toxic, low VOC material finishes

Shop directly from Lulu & Georgia

Last Updated Price: $1199.00

Now, let’s say your space has rich, minimal decor with all high-tech gadgets. Wouldn’t you love something that syncs in harmony but doesn’t steal the focus of your tech?

Enter the patched burl wood table, the epitome of modern design! It's simple, eccentric and yet adds an industrial touch to any space. And if you loved this one, you’ll love our other horseshoe console recommendations too!

4. Modern Burl Console Table

Midcentury, modern burlwood console table in book-matched burl veneer from Wayfair created with old-world craftsmanship and stable open storage

Shop directly from Wayfair

Last Updated Price: $2490.00

Want to add some sleek, stream-lined yet contemporary vibes to your space? Look no further than these minimal Burl designs from Wayfair!

This fully assembled, shelved console inhales mess and exhales elegance. So, no more worrying about extra display space for your media! Also, you can trust this one with a little dramatic, mid-century twist to your living room!

5. Glass & Burlwood Console Table

Warm-textured, modern style burlwood console table from Arhaus with a dynamic statement, swirling mappa burl wood and natural finish

Shop directly from Arhaus

Last Updated Price: $2299.00

This console table gives a ‘less is more’ vibe. 

Like, it has simple but seamless glass and wood sections, but it conveys more elegance, an ultra-modern look, and texture. Plus, its crude hand finishes and warm brow\n tones will surely be a welcoming mascot for your house! I am sure your guests will love the hospitality!

6. Transitional Burl Wood Console Table

Pembroke-inspired, traditional burlwood console table in demilune shape from Home Depot with transitional styling and engineered specialty wood

Shop directly from Home Depot

Last Updated Price: $629.00

Haven’t fixed an interior style for your room? No problem! We have just the right model to blend in with any traditional, transitional, or modern vibes! Enter the cheery, veneered console, a fun combo of majestic curves, veneer inlays, and swirl-like knot patterns.

And this one has such a lovely, provincial shape that I am sure both your parents and younger siblings will approve of this! 

A burl wood table is surely a great pick to balance your room’s warmth, texture, and pattern, and add depth of design and a welcome feel to your room. 

And that’s not all! If you have been mesmerized by the rustic vibe of the burl wood console table, and left wanting for more, you’ll surely love our burl wood coffee table collection as well.

Ruchika Deshpande
Architectural Writer

Ruchika is an architect, explorer, and experimenter. She loves observing people and helping them revamp their homes, and has been expressing her ideas as a writer for over 3 years.

Ruchika Deshpande
Architectural Writer

Ruchika is an architect, explorer, and experimenter. She loves observing people and helping them revamp their homes, and has been expressing her ideas as a writer for over 3 years.

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