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June 26, 2023
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Imagine a picture-perfect afternoon, a lazy you, and a binge series on Netflix. Sounds too good and warm to be true, right? Well, we don’t know your routine, but we can give you such a mental break, with the hues of earth, right there in your living room!

Enter the Japandi Console Table - the ultimate fusion of Scandinavian Hygge and Japanese Wabi-Sabi. 

These clean, geometrical, organic furniture will make you closer to the earth. So be ready to declutter your senses with this one!

And the best part, these can fit into numerous styles of home decor, and help your living room achieve a level of zen and chic you could only imagine.

Here’s our all-exclusive list of the trendiest Japandi Table picks for you:

1. White Japandi Console Table

Art Deco inspired, quirky and curved white japandi console table with sufficient open storage, arched shelves and entryway cabinet from Homary

Shop directly from Homary

Last Updated Price: $869.99

Does your room look like one typhoon attack, leaving you feeling like a mess? If yes, this white Japandi table is here to save you!

First, its shelves help declutter the space, leaving it crisp and airy. And second, its white, arched design takes you for a perfect retreat with the rising sun.

However, be careful while adding too much bold or vibrant media with this one. I mean, this one’s a typical case of the white and minimal vibes. So, let it stay simple, and flaunt its style naturally!

(Quick Tip: Try using this console as a sideboard or media console rather than for a TV. Also, use light or warm wallpapers or paints for a proper sync.)

2. Japandi Wood Console Table

Deluxe tamboured wooden buffet unit or japandi console table from Anthropologie that features a polished Volakas marble top

Shop directly from Anthropologie

Last Updated Price: $2698.00

When it comes to warm tones and a woody, rustic look, this one’s a winner! You know why? Because it has decent rosewood walls, tambour doors, and a silky finish that mimics the Nordic coziness. After all, who doesn’t love some pastoral but streamlined vibes in their space?

3. Japandi Cane Console Table

Elegant japandi console table unit from Lulu & Georgia with woven cane concealed shutters, sleek finish and light brown wood color

Shop directly from Lulu & Georgia

Last Updated Price: $1798.00

If you are more into textures and patterns, you’ll just flip over this woven cane Japandi console!

Well, we obviously love this design for its sleek, weightless look. But it’s not just that! This one’s non-toxic and has such a low VOC that it keeps the home smiling! Plus, it's a little playful and has a gorgeous twist of eclectic and farmhouse vibes that always feel ready for a picnic. I bet you’ll ever miss the woods with this one!

4. Slatted Japandi Console Table

Kineko style japandi console table with walnut and brass accents, traditional Shoji screens and adjustable shelves from Etsy

Shop directly from Etsy

Last Updated Price: $4000.00

This beauty from Etsy isn’t just a typical console! It's sleek, rationalized, and orderly, all together to fuse aesthetics and function in a single box. Also, it doesn’t matter if you have solid white or paneled walls with this one. It’ll be a ninja player both ways! 

But don’t let its modern aesthetic trick you! Its typical Shoji-screen-like vertical louvers will also toss in subtle, transitional vibes. It’s just like the East meets the West!

5. Japandi Entryway Console Table

Artisan-crafted, red oak and Finnish pine japandi console table with sturdy construction and rustic design from Arhaus

Shop directly from Arhaus

Last Updated Price: $1499.00

Here’s to every ‘narrow-entry-frustrated’ homeowner’s dream product: the simple, rustic silhouette console in Mocha brown! I get you! The entryway console needs to be as open and friendly as possible. And this one from Arhaus is truly a welcoming mascot for all your guests.

But do you know what makes it even more special? Well, certainly those hand-applied finishes and rustic touch ups! So, pair it with some plants, and enjoy your organic portal!

6. 2-drawer Japandi Console Table

Rustic, midcentury japandi console table with muted honey tone, side rails and simple design from Castlery

Shop directly from Castlery

Last Updated Price: $549.00

Looking for a Japandi table that feels simple and modern at the same time? If yes, then this ‘oh-so-warm’ model from Castlery might be the one for you! Built on a solid foundation of honey-tone acacia wood, this one breathes in clutter and exudes elegance.

Want to know how to style this one? Well, just place it near any balcony or clerestory windows with lots of plants. You’ll adore the organic, unfiltered vibes! Otherwise, just use it under any wall-mounted TV and set your speakers there.

So folks, here’s our list to help you sync in with the Japandi craze! These raw yet classy options are surely going to be the talk of the town! So, be ready for more guests, some nostalgia, and some zen.

If you find yourself feeling like a samurai, and if these Japandi Console Table picks have you yearning for more, check out our Japandi Coffee Table and Japandi Sofa picks for a complete package!

Ruchika Deshpande
Architectural Writer

Ruchika is an architect, explorer, and experimenter. She loves observing people and helping them revamp their homes, and has been expressing her ideas as a writer for over 3 years.

Ruchika Deshpande
Architectural Writer

Ruchika is an architect, explorer, and experimenter. She loves observing people and helping them revamp their homes, and has been expressing her ideas as a writer for over 3 years.

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