Modern Marble Coffee Table - White to Black, One For All

Last updated on:
October 16, 2023
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What springs to mind when you think about a modern marble coffee table for your living room?

Is it the sophistication and class of the marble material or trending styles and acclamation of the modern design?  

Why not a perfect blend of both? Enhance your space effortlessly by swapping out your regular coffee tables for something unique.

Are you ready to indulge in the world of modern marble coffee table? 

1. White Modern Marble Coffee Table 

Oval white marble coffee table with three folding support at the base

Shop directly from McGee and Co

Last Updated Price: $2,400.00

Irregular shapes can look very avant-garde and fashion-forward while also adding comfort when styled right.

Shape -  The above marble coffee table has a unique shape with its oval top and trifold base adds beautiful visual texture to your space. 

Color - The light grey color of the table can add a cozy vibe to your room. 

Styling tip - Amp up the camp by adding a futuristic Concrete Geometric Console Table for the ultimate contemporary look. 

2. Faux Marble Coffee table 

Faux Marble coffee table with silver metal accents giving it a futuristic look

Shop directly from Homary

Last Updated Price: $1,239.99

Do you want the luxury and class of marble without the hassle of maintaining it? Then check out this faux marble and metal coffee table.

Shape - This coffee table has a rectangular marble top completed with an intricate metal base that has circular corners for a modern and edgy appearance. 

Color - The medium gray color gives an industrial look which is topped off by the complimentary silver-colored metal

Styling tip - Add this Small Alabaster Table Lamp as the alabaster base in it matches the marble top. 

3. Luxury Modern Coffee Table

Dark gray marble top coffee table with linear gold elements as support

Shop directly from Burke Decor

Last Updated Price: $4,125.00

Embody the boldness and extravagance of gold by styling this luxury modern coffee table. The curated design of this coffee table is certain to be a showstopper anywhere it is placed 

Shape - The modest rectangular shape is versatile and its simplicity is balanced out by the trendy intricate criss cross base

Color -  The dark gray color of the marble pairs well with the dusky gold criss cross base, giving an overall chic vibe to the piece. 

4. Modern Black Coffee Table

Modern black coffee table with niche storage in the front that is lit up with LED light strips

Shop directly from The Home Depot

Last Updated Price: $131

You can never go wrong with black. This black marble coffee table is a great way to add poise to your living room. 

Shape - The niche storage of the marble table top adds softness to the otherwise bulky appearance of the piece. The table has a solid marble top held up by a metal base and follows the traditional design of a rectangular coffee table. 

Color - The dark black color of the table exudes splendor. It is an easy color to style and maintain. If you have kids around, you won't have to worry about stains. 

Styling tip - Match it with this Wide Barrel Black Velvet Accent Chair for a stylish living room. 

5. Gray Marble Coffee Table

Light Gray Marble Coffee table with wooden base that gives a cozy and homely vibe

Shop directly from Medley

Last Updated Price: $1,599

Looking for a functional and aesthetically pleasing coffee table? The light gray marble table mentioned above might be perfect for you.

Shape - The linear shape of the coffee table is best suited for linear living rooms where the width is greater. Ideally positioning it parallel to your sofa and TV cabinet is the most optimal solution. There is additional storage at the bottom to store your daily newspaper, books, and more.

Color - The light gray marble table top pairs well with the medium brown wooden base giving it an overall homely vibe. 

Styling tip - Pair it with this Beige Velvet Accent Chair for a minimalistic look. 

6. Mid-Century Modern Marble Coffee Table

Round top light gray marble coffee table with unique gold accent base as support

Shop directly from Wayfair

Last Updated Price: $126.99

Ending the list with a bang, we have this stunning round marble coffee table finished with gold accents. The piece overall has elegance and extravagance written over it. 

Shape  - The circular shape of the coffee table is super versatile and can be used in both big and small living rooms. The circular theme is followed onto the base as well, with its intricate and creative support. 

Color - The white with dark gray marbling on the countertop does not go unnoticed. It pairs seamlessly with the gold base at the bottom. 

Styling tip - Style it with a bold accent chair like the Blue and Pink Velvet Accent Chair AKA The Cuddle Chair from our list. 

We hope you found our modern marble coffee table picks as charming as we did. 

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Pratistha Jagannath
Architectural Writer

Pratistha is an architect with a strong passion for writing and research. She loves exploring exotic places and eclectic styles. Architecture has turned her into a aficionado for for historic buildings and urban centers.

Pratistha Jagannath
Architectural Writer

Pratistha is an architect with a strong passion for writing and research. She loves exploring exotic places and eclectic styles. Architecture has turned her into a aficionado for for historic buildings and urban centers.

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