Alabaster Table Lamp - Aphrodite in the form of lamps

September 4, 2023
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Thinking of unparalleled sophistication? Think of an Alabaster Table Lamp. 

Its sculptural base, a testament to nature's artistry, seamlessly merges classical aesthetics with modern design. 

It's the beauty of Greek columns and the simplicity of traditional lamps combined, to create stunning show-stopper pieces. 

Whether gracing your living room, bedroom, or office, alabaster table lamps transcend functionality, becoming a captivating work of art which captivate the eye and soothe the soul. 

Get ready to illuminate your life with these curated alabaster table lamp picks:

1. White Alabaster Table Lamp

Simple all-white, medium size alabaster table lamp with rectangular drum shade.

Shop directly from Burke Decor 

Last Updated Price: $412.5

White as snow! Check out this petite solid white alabaster table lamp with gold accents in between. The solid base is complimented by a rectangular top making for a unique design. 

The clean finish of the lamp is ideal for minimalists who like to keep their ambiance light and airy. 

Quick tip -  Maintain that clean white aesthetic by styling this lamp with a Velvet White Round Nightstand that has similar gold accents.

2. Antique Alabaster Table Lamp

Elongated, rectangular alabaster table lamp with gold accents at the base and support.

Shop directly from Anthropologie

Last Updated Price: $663

Sophisticated and stylish? This table lamp has you covered with its sleek rectangular alabaster lamp and gold base. 

The beautiful marbling on the top adds a soft hue to your space to create the most magical setting. 

Design tip - Keep the surroundings uncluttered to highlight the lamp without causing any chaos.

3. Tall Alabaster Table Lamp

Long Table lamp with a small alabaster base and white linen drum shade complete with gold accents in the support

Shop directly from Lulu and Georgia

Last Updated Price: $598

Standing tall, we have this magnificent table lamp with an alabaster base. The similar rectangular linen drum shade with the metal stand completes the whole look. 

The minimalistic design of the table lamp can be a valuable addition to your interiors.

Quick Tip -  Due to the height, you can pair this with a lower and simple nightstand like this Hollow Wooden Japandi Bedside Table

4. Small Alabaster Table Lamp

Petite table lamp with marbled pebble-shaped alabaster base and white drum shade on top

Shop directly from Wayfair

Last Updated Price: $312.50

Petite yet Powerful! This lamp is a small alabaster table lamp that has a pebble-inspired base followed by a complimentary simple white drum shade. 

The gold accent adds regency and ties the whole look together. 

Design tip - This lamp is super versatile, you can style this even in a cluttered environment or with a lot of showpieces or books depending on your taste.

5. Designer Vintage Alabaster Lamp

Intricate truncated alabaster base table lamp with white linen drum shade

Shop directly from Arhaus

Last Updated Price: $599

Are you always looking out for collector pieces? Then check out this exquisite alabaster table lamp in which the base has unique carvings making it stand out from other table lamps 

The intricate design of the alabaster base makes it a showstopper piece even when the lights are off. 

Quick Tip -  The intricacy of the base is certain to pair well with a simple nightstand like a Soft-Edged Japandi Nightstand

6. Rustic Alabaster Table Lamps

Set of two industrial style large table lamps with alabaster drum shade and metal base

Shop directly from Lamp Plus

Last Updated Price: $279.98

Double the fun with this set of two alabaster table lamps. The metal base and alabaster drum shade work well in this rustic industrial-themed design. 

The grandeur of these lamps is better suited in more open and bigger spaces like a living room or study room. 

Quick tip - Match it with a white sofa like the Transformable Multipurpose White Office Couch to complement the alabaster drum shade from these light sets

7. Vintage Alabaster Table Lamp

Classy and vintage all-white alabaster table lamp with gold accents.

Shop directly from McGee and Co

Last Updated Price: $930.00

Do you gravitate towards vintage fashion? This marbled alabaster table lamp could be the perfect choice for your space. The unique marbling of the base gives off a timeless sophistication and the table lamp is made complete with gold accents at the base. 

Quick tip - Enhance your space further by partnering this lamp with a Black Round Bedside Table from our curated list. 

Alas! We’ve reached the end of the journey. We hope we’ve helped you find a treasured alabaster table lamp to your liking. 

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