Green Table Lamp - From Sage to Emerald, A Shade to Enchant

September 4, 2023
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What if you could soothe your ambiance with a radiant glow? The eloquent Green Table Lamp does just that, in style. 

The soothing green hue, reminiscent of lush meadows and tranquil forests, casts a gentle glow that transforms any room into a serene oasis.

Whether it graces your bedside table, study desk, or living room console, we are certain that a green table lamp can serve as a testament to your Elegant and Chic style. 

Without further ado, it's time to Immerse yourself in our list of curated earthy green table lamp picks 

1. Simple Green Table Lamp

Simple and elegant Green table lamp with a sturdy ball base

Shop directly from Wayfair

Last Updated Price: $22.99

If green is your vibe, then check out this simple green table lamp with its unique circular base. The drum shade is also in a beautiful, complimentary green shade tying the whole lamp together. 

Design tip - Be in the pop art theme by adding more color to create a cheerful and colorful space. 

Quick tip -  Pairing this table lamp with a muted or monotone side table like the Black Round Bedside Table from our list can help display the green in this lamp as a statement piece. 

2. Green Glass Table Lamp

Cylindrical green table lamp made using textured glass allover

Shop directly from The Home Depot

Last Updated Price: $60.87

If you are a fun and vibrant person then this green glass table lamp could be your vibe. The textured glass gives out a decorative patterned effect to the lamp adding dimension to the space. 

Quick Tip - The wooden base coastal design of the lamp makes it sophisticated, hence styling it with similar wooden furniture like a Burl Wood Console Table would enhance the overall look of your space. 

3. Sage Green Table Lamp

Fluted and curved sage green ceramic base with a jute drum shade

Shop directly from Lamp Plus

Last Updated Price: $119.99

This unique table lamp has a fluted sage green base and a beige jute drum shade. The design of the lamp is perfect for rustic and contemporary interiors.

Design tip - The two colors of the lamp provide an earthy feel to your space. This can be utilized in bigger more open spaces like the living room or dining room. 

4. Neon Green Table Lamp

Neon Green vase-like base with lamp brown jute drum shade

Shop directly from Lamp Plus

Last Updated Price: $169.99

If eclectic interiors tickle your fancy then this vase-shaped table lamp could be perfect for you. The base is a beautiful bright neon green color which is finished with a cream drum shade. 

This lamp will add a pop of color and brighten the space. 

Design tip - Style this with similar tones of green, adding a lime green pillow on the couch or bed can tie the space together. 

5. Emerald Green Table Lamp

Fluted ornamental green glass table lamp with gold accents

Shop directly from Anthropologie

Last Updated Price: $198

Are you a fan of Art Deco? Check out this emerald green lamp inspired by the famous art movement. The beautiful brass ornamentation at the base elevates this from a regular table lamp to a piece of art. 

Apart from the functionality of the lamp, the aesthetic appearance is sure to wow anyone who gazes at it. 

Quick tip - If you want to style the table lamp like in the image, then check out this Designer Horseshoe Console Table from our list. 

6. Green Ceramic Table Lamp

Olive green ceramic table lamp with a checkered texture at the base

Shop directly from McGee & Co

Last Updated Price: $240

This olive green table lamp with a white drum shade can be styled easily in any space. The textured checkered base without a doubt will add depth to your space. 

Quick tip - The sage green color and texture of the lamp will juxtapose any wooden nightstand. The Soft-Edged Japandi Nightstand from our list is sure to blend seamlessly. 

7. Dark Green Table Lamp

Majestic grand green table lamp with a ornamental leopard in the base

Shop directly from Anthropologie

Last Updated Price: $298

If you like eccentric decor, then take a look at this majestic dark green nightlamp. The base consists of a brass leopard which is complemented by a breathtaking drum shade finished with bead hangings, making this table lamp the ultimate showstopper. 

Quick tip -  Elevate your living room by pairing this eccentric table lamp with a simple and similar Green Accent Chair from our curated list. 

Give into your green fantasy and get yourself a green table lamp to reflect your personality in style. 

If green is not your vibe then check out some curated lighting fixtures from leading brands, and our featured lighting collection, including our Rattan Table Lamp and Alabaster Table Lamp collection.

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