Rattan Table Lamp - From Black to White, A Light to Delight

September 1, 2023
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Embrace the fusion of style and functionality as your home comes alive with the enchanting ambiance of a Rattan Table Lamp. 

It's not just a lamp; it's a statement of art. Crafted with intricate rattan weaves, the soothing glow is sure to transform your surrounding and elevate your décor

Let’s look at our Best Rattan Table Lamp picks to complement your space:

1. Black Rattan Table Lamp

Dark black rattan table lamp with a unique cylindrical drum shade and similar rattan base

Shop directly from Wayfair

Last Updated Price: $79.99

Does the color black excite you? Then check out this unique black rattan lamp to spice up your space. The mushroom shape of the table lamp adds a fun and youthful vibe to any space. 

The modern design and color are good to pair with any setting like rustic, modern, or contemporary spaces. 

Design tip - Adding elements with the color black like photo frames, throw pillows, and other small decor items can tie the whole space together making it look like a room from a design magazine.

2. Small Rattan Table Lamp

Small rattan table lamp with a white drum shade and irregularly shaped light brown rattan base

Shop directly from Anthropologie

Last Updated Price: $159.60

Small yet mighty, you can rely on this woven rattan table lamp to enchant your space. The interesting shape is eye-catching and the woven pattern is very noticeable adding visible texture. 

Perfect for an industrial or farmhouse design, this rattan lamp combines the simplicity of the rattan texture with the complexity of the shape. 

Quick tip - Match the rattan table lamp to a similar-looking weave pattern in a side table or nightstand like this Japandi Cane Console Table or Soft-Edged Japandi Nightstand from our featured collections.

3. Vintage Rattan Lamps

Set of two vintage rattan table lamps with a unique rattan drum shade and solid white base

Shop directly from Lamp Plus

Last Updated Price: $159.99

What’s better than one rattan lamp? Two rattan lamps. Check out this set of two identical rattan lamps. The elegant and simple woven rattan drum shade juxtaposes the solid, ornamented base. 

Most suitable for a living room or bedroom, the design of the rattan lamps is done to appease vintage and farmhouse aesthetics. 

Design tip - If you like symmetry in your space then the addition of the two rattan lamps can help achieve that.

4. Dark Rattan Table Lamp

Dark green table lamp with rattan weave all over and the base has a wave pattern.

Shop directly from Anthropologie

Last Updated Price: $298.00

If cozy, dark, and comforting interiors are your vibe, then let me introduce you to this dark green rattan table lamp. The beautiful earthy tone is a rainy day personified into a table lamp. 

Ideal for bedrooms and study rooms, this rattan lamp is sure to shine bright even in dark spaces due to its unique color. 

Quick tip - Style it with dark earthy furniture like the Black Horseshoe Console Table from our list to bring out the best from the lamp.

5. Boho Rattan Lamp

Boho chic rattan brown table lamp with a mushroom shape and rattan hangings from the drumshade

Shop directly from Burke Decor

Last Updated Price: $395.00

Do you have a kindred bohemian spirit? We think this charming rattan lamp could be perfect for you. 

The quirky mushroom shape and woven pattern all over add to the allure of this campy rattan table lamp. 

The size and design of the table lamp can be distracting if styled wrong. This rattan table lamp is ideal for hipster, light, airy spaces and outdoors. 

Design tip - While pairing the rattan table lamp, avoid overcrowding your console table or dresser with too many elements.

6. White Rattan Table Lamp

White table lamp with a rattan drum shade and unique tri-fluted solid white base.

Shop directly from Lulu and Georgia

Last Updated Price: $498

Want to keep it classy and white? The fusion of this table lamp with the rattan drum shade and white base exudes class and sophistication. 

The intricate shape of the base elevates the table lamp from a regular lamp to a showstopper piece. 

Quick tip - Keep things classy by matching the light brown color of the drum shade with wood veneer of your furniture, like this Cane nightstand from our curated list of bedroom furniture.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Rattan Table Lamp picks! Let the woven wonders of rattan illuminate your world, casting a spell of rustic elegance that captivates all who enter. 

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