Black Upholstered Bed - The Bold Yet Somber Savior of Your Bedroom

last updated on:
May 31, 2023
written by:
Ruchika Deshpande

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We all know black as that sleek and formal color with all the modern vibes. In fact, some people even use it to add a sense of mystery and privacy to their spaces. Well, if this is the case, how can we miss using this in the bedroom?

Enter the black upholstered bed - a perfect blend of novelty, solitude, and aesthetics. And you don’t even need to add nightstands and tables with this one! It’ll do all the talking and curate a bold statement for itself!

Also, it won’t show any stains or dust! So, a black upholstered bed is just the thing for a busy, low-maintenance bedroom.

So just grab your phone, put it on dark mode, and binge-watch all your shows in blackout!

Now let’s see some handpicked black upholstered beds from a plethora of styles below:

1. Black Upholstered Wing Bed

Texas wing black upholstered bed in dark plush finish from Etsy and a contemporary design with multiple color variants

Shop directly from Etsy

Last Updated Price: $595.30

Up for some plush, modern, and villa-style designs? If yes, then this black beauty has you covered! Modern and vertically paneled, this one’s just the magic potion for a composed and high-end twist to any space. So just place it in any corner or near the window, and watch your space transform!

2. Black Upholstered Queen Bed

Black upholstered queen Knaresborough bed in velvet finish from Wayfair with center supports, a diamond tufted backrest and a wingback design

Shop directly from Wayfair

Last Updated Price: $929.99

Get ready for some aristo and deluxe vibes that’s gonna make your bedroom stand out. With plush velvet upholsteries, diamond tufts, and a classy headboard design, this one boosts the modern, industrial setting of any room. Plus, it has center legs and pads for extra strength!

But be careful in planning your storage with this one! This one looks the best when kept simple and clutter-free!

Quick Tip: Try pairing this black beauty with wooden accents, nightstands, or side tables for more balance.

3. Transitional Black Upholstered Bed

Modern and elegant transitional black upholstered kingsize bed with contemporary features, velvet finish and durable mixed hardwood frame from Home Depot

Shop directly from Home Depot

Last Updated Price: $1070.55

Now let's say that you have Gen X and Gen Z members in the same house. Wouldn’t you like a bed that suits their different tastes, styles and needs?

If yes, then try this transitional, plush velvet, king-size bed. It’s minimal yet royal, artistic and adds a regal, monarchial look that everyone will approve of!

4. Black Upholstered Platform Bed

Black upholstered platform bed with crisp, simple corners and refined design from Lulu & Georgia in minimalistic style and durable striped fabric

Shop directly from Lulu & Georgia

Last Updated Price: $1898.00

This platform bed is a comely couple of elegance and patterns, just like a match made in heaven. It’s not only sturdy and a savior for storage, but also curates a stand-alone focal point with its colonial feel. Infact, this one’s clearly a ruler of the ‘less is more’ tribe!

Styling Tip: Pair this piece up with the Hal Black Media Console from our collection and watch your space transform

5. Contemporary Black Upholstered Bed

Contemporary Ireland, kingsize eastern black upholstered bed from Home Depot with durable wood and button tufted headboard


Shop directly from Home Depot

Last Updated Price: $742.63

Just like Rick Ross’s song, ‘Rich is Gangsta’ this tufted piece is literally the thug of luxurious and modern spaces. In fact, its contemporary headboard is simply eye-catching and creates a bold statement with its rich but sovereign finishes. Also, it's an exclusive piece with easy, DIY assembly. So, you can surely enjoy your bob-the-builder moment here!

Black is really infamous for being  a dark, dominating color. But, now that you have seen some black upholstered beds, did you think that they were too dark? Maybe, maybe not!

Black upholstered beds are actually very sober, and help revamp any ordinary looking bedroom. Trust us, you’ll  never go wrong with their rich, balanced and ‘steal-the-focus’ feel.

And if you loved these black upholstered beds, you’ll probably love our black accent chair and black marble coffee table recommendations too!

Ruchika Deshpande
Architectural Writer

Ruchika is an architect, explorer, and experimenter. She loves observing people and helping them revamp their homes, and has been expressing her ideas as a writer for over 3 years.

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