Japandi Bed - The Zen & Minimalistic Comrade of Slumberland

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July 14, 2023
written by:
Mohammed Umair

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In a world where ancient traditions and modern sensibilities collide, a new design philosophy emerges - Japandi. Combining the simplicity of Japanese aesthetics with the Scandinavian concept of Hygge, Japandi creates a harmonious balance between functionality, tranquility, and elegance.

And at the heart of this fusion lies the centerpiece of your sanctuary - the Japandi bed. 

Here, the Japandi bed stands as a testament to balance and style, a resting place worthy of the wandering Samurai Jack himself. 

As we embark on this adventure through time, let us discover the fusion of cultures and the embodiment of harmony that lies within each exquisite Japandi bed design. 

Grab your shamisen and prepare to go on a quest for Japandi bed designs that encapsulate the spirit of the serenity of dreams and the artistry of craftsmanship.

Let’s check out the 6 beautiful japandi bed picks we’ve curated below from top brands

1. Wooden Platform Japandi Bed

Wooden minimalistic japandi bed from Wayfair

Shop directly from Wayfair

Last updated Price: $149.99

This Japanese style bed exemplifies versatility and practicality. Crafted from high-quality solid wood, it provides a sturdy foundation for restful nights. The platform design eliminates the need for a box spring, simplifying the setup process.

Aesthetics: With its clean lines and rich wood finish, this bed effortlessly captures the essence of Japandi design. Its uncluttered appearance creates a serene atmosphere, promoting a sense of calmness in your bedroom.

It ensures exceptional comfort with its solid wood slats, offering optimal support for your mattress. Its profile enhances a cozy and intimate ambiance, reminiscent of the serene landscapes traversed by the samurai warrior, Jack; remember him from the good old days?

2. Japanese Style Scandinavian Low Bed

Low king-sized, light brown japandi bed from Homary

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Last updated Price: $799.99

This japandi bed redefines simplicity. Its low-profile design allows for easy access and creates a seamless transition between your living space and the bed.

Material: Crafted from solid walnut wood, this bed radiates elegance and timelessness. The warm tones and natural grain patterns of the wood celebrate the organic beauty of nature, inviting you to connect with the surroundings and find inner peace.

Structure: The low frame design, inspired by the principles of Japanese minimalism, ensures a sense of grounding and stability. 

Quick Tip: Combine it with traditional Japanese tatami mats for an authentic experience, mirroring the tranquility that enveloped Samurai Jack.

3. Gray Modern Japanese Platform Bed

Grey, contemporary style japandi bed from Castlery

Shop directly from Castlery

Last updated Price: $899

Functionality: This gray-colored, japandi queen-size bed offers a contemporary interpretation of the Japandi style. The clean lines and sleek silhouette of the bed exemplify modern minimalism. At the same time, the brass-finished legs add more finesse to the bed.

Color: The use of cool gray tones adds a touch of refinement, creating a relaxed atmosphere in your bedroom due to its neutral color palette.

The flushed headboard, upholstered in soft fabric, invites you to lean back and relax. Its generous width and gentle curvature, provide a supportive and comfortable backrest, akin to the unwavering focus of Samurai Jack during his epic battles.

Styling Tip: Pair this up with the Mico Rattan Round Nightstand as seen in the image above and create magic! 

4. Modern Boucle Japandi Style Bed

Modern dark brown boucle fabric japandi bed from Homary

Shop directly from Homary

Last updated Price: $1,699.99

This japandi bouclé bed with headboard harmonizes opulence and style. Its performance fabric annihilates the need for high maintenance and cleaning and has great longevity.

Comfort: Embracing the essence of Japandi, this bed features a fluffed-up bubble-like plush padded headboard upholstered in white bouclé fabric. It provides a cozy and supportive backrest, perfect for leisurely activities such as reading or enjoying your favorite anime or cartoon series.  

The luxurious texture adds a touch of refinement and softness, while the solid white color emphasizes serenity and weightlessness.

Styling Tip: This japandi bed would look great when coupled with the Entryway Japandi Console Table

5. Rustic Japanese Platform Bed With Headboard

Platform bed type, light colored japandi bed with headboard from Etsy

Shop directly from Etsy

Last updated Price: $2,150 (price varies with bed size)

This japandi style bed epitomizes the art of clarity and resourcefulness. Crafted from solid wood, this bed offers durability and stability for a goodnight's sleep.

Design: The minimalistic arrangement of this platform bed portrays peacefulness, with its clean lines and natural wood finish. The combination of light wood and subtle curves in the headboard evokes a sense of Zen-inspired elegance, allowing you to create an oasis amidst the chaos of the world.  

Material: The natural and sustainably sourced American Oak finish adds more class to the whole unit. Incorporating nightstands into the frame provides a cohesive and clutter-free aesthetic.

The solid wood slats in the japandi bed frame ensure optimal support for your mattress, promoting a restful sleep experience. 

Spaciousness: The best part is, with this type of design, the bed can be expanded by adding frame extensions on both sides or simply manually joining two single beds or boards on either end.

6. Midcentury Modern Japandi Bed

Beach style, sand colored japandi bed from Etsy

Shop directly from Etsy

Last updated Price: $2,779 (price varies with bed size)

Functionality: This midcentury modern beach style japandi bed Frame captures the essence of Japandi with a touch of boho-retro flair. Its simple, curvilinear style evades sharp edges and hazards to children.

The combination of neat lines, tapered legs, and light wood tones evokes a sense of grace and invites you to create a sanctuary of leisure. Its beach-style appearance makes it perfect for a summertime bedroom setting that can be transformed into a zen design!

Its bed frame ensures optimal comfort and support with its solid construction and slatted base. As you rest upon its surface, envision yourself following in the footsteps of Master Oogway, embracing stillness and repose.

Have we charmed you with our picks and left you smiling yet? 

Whether you prefer the warmth of natural wood, the contemporary allure of gray tones, or the convenience of textured fabrics, there's always a Japandi bed that will perfectly suit your style. 

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