King Murphy Bed – The Space-Saving, Multipurpose Furniture

last updated on:
June 19, 2023
written by:
Megha Anand

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Are you moving out and planning to live alone in a small home and organizing your space to ensure most of your belongings fit well?

The  solution - King Murphy Bed. A space-saving furniture that ensures you get the best of both worlds - work and leisure. 

You can set up your desk or sofa while the bed stays hidden, and it would also come with sufficient storage space to store necessities. The mechanism is easy if maneuvered with care. 

You can effortlessly transform from stylish furniture to a cozy sanctuary with a simple touch while you embrace the art of hidden luxury, with this unit as your room becomes a seamless haven, inviting dreams and embracing the allure of versatility.

We have hand-picked 4 innovative king murphy beds to reduce your time from all the browsing:

1. White European King Murphy Bed

Smart and reliable innovative king murphy bed from Wayfair with lock to prevent self-opening and high gloss fronts

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Last Updated Price: $3,549.99

It exudes an elegant and eclectic design from an overall minimalist approach. This king size murphy bed kit comes with a sleek white cabinet that holds the bed within. 

It has a smooth surface finish and adapts well to a bedroom with a gray, beige and white color scheme.

Styling Tip: You can explore multiple design ideas by pairing this up with one of our products from the white media console collection.

2. Tufted King Murphy Bed with Lights 

Maxima house king size murphy bed kit from Wayfair with lighted headboard, manufactured wood and square tufted backing

Shop directly from Wayfair

Last Updated Price: $4,299.99

This wall mounted murphy bed unit comes with – a bed frame, mattress, square tufted headboard, and LED lighting. It features a gas springs mechanism that enables easy opening and safe unfolding. 

It has an upholstered back with foam filling, smooth laminated chipboard finish and is a smart and reliable bedding setup to cater to your space saving requirements wherever you reside.

It will seamlessly fit in with a modern, minimalist or contemporary style interior design setting.

3. Monaco King Size Murphy Bed Kit

Unique, space-saving wall king size murphy bed kit from Wayfair made in manufactured wood, for residential use

Shop directly from Wayfair

Last Updated Price: $4,300

The set comes with – a bed frame, mattress, headboard, drawers and cabinets. It is available in multiple colour ranges. 

It’s ideal if you don’t want to buy extra cabinets since they are already included. 

This king murphy bed has a practical and dependable design that gives you the freedom to establish a distinctive place in your living area and it requires wall-mounting.

4. Plymouth Wooden King Murphy Bed

Customizable king size murphy bed from Etsy with office storage, dovetailed drawers and soft close doors that offer convenience and ease of use

Shop directly from Etsy

Last Updated Price: $10,370

Designed with meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, this king size Murphy bed kit is a true work of art. The gorgeous woodwork and sleek finish exude an air of sophistication, making it a focal point of any room. 

And when night falls, the magic begins. With a gentle pull, the bed effortlessly transforms into a luxurious sleeping haven, revealing a plush mattress that invites you to unwind and indulge in restful slumber.

This exquisite bed maximizes space utilization in your home, especially in smaller living areas or multi-purpose rooms. By simply folding up the bed, you create valuable floor space that can be utilized for various activities like hosting gatherings, working on projects, or practicing yoga. 

Whether you're hosting guests, setting up a home office, or creating a cozy reading nook, this bed adapts to your lifestyle, making it a valuable asset in any home.

Furthermore, this bed wall unit provides exceptional versatility and allows you to easily switch between a bedroom and a living area, transforming your space to suit your needs. It offers the utmost comfort and support as it’s made with high quality materials and wood finish.

Styling Tip: You can design your own bedroom space by coupling this up with the Imperial Beige Accent Chair from our beige accent chair collection or interestingly, with the Baldwin Washable Slipcovered Sofa from our washable sofa assemblage, for a majestic and royal themed interior.

5. Custom-made Japandi King Murphy Bed

Hunters Point king size murphy bed kit from Etsy with superior durability, handcrafted solid hardwood and pullout nightstand with USB plug

Shop directly from Etsy

Last Updated Price: $12,325

Transform your space tremendously with this custom Hunter's Point murphy bed wall unit. With its sleek, clean lines and superlunary craftsmanship, it seamlessly integrates into any decor, be it a contemporary loft or a cozy traditional home. 

The bed easily folds into the wall, revealing a versatile space that can be tailored to your needs. This particular piece can fit perfectly well with a Japandi style interior to create an overall zen space.

It features integrated storage compartments, including shelves, cabinets, and drawers, providing ample space for storing bedding, books, decor items, and more with door panels made of  Rattan cane webbing.

This clever storage solution keeps your belongings organized and within easy reach, eliminating clutter and maximizing functionality.

The user-friendly design ensures hassle-free operation, allowing you to focus on enjoying your living space as it is made with KCMA approved durable wood.

It offers multiple wood finish options, textures and colors like Maple, Red Oak, Pine, Hickory, to name a few and it can be used in a variety of spaces like a home office, meditation studio or even a workout room depending on the user.

Japandi Styling Tip: It can create a whole new japandi space when accentuated with some of the pieces from the japandi console table, japandi sofa and japandi coffee table!

In the kingdom of comfort and space-saving solutions, the reign of the King Murphy Bed stands unrivaled. 

Defying Murphy's Law, "anything that can go wrong will go wrong," this majestic masterpiece, will be your sanctuary of serenity.

Embrace the transformative magic of elegance and practicality that harmonize in this regal slumber haven or living chamber!

And if you want to brainstorm some unique interior design ideas, hit us up at Skyline Studio where our team of highly professional designers will guide you through the whole process.

Megha Anand
Design Researcher

Megha is an award winning artist, architect, and design researcher with an unending love for LEGO. She has a fascination for materials, inclusive furniture, and color psychology.

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