Burl Wood Dresser - Elevate your Space with Burled Finesse

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August 22, 2023
written by:
Pratistha Jagannath

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Who doesn’t want to manage their storage in style?

The treasure of our quest - is a Burl Wood Dresser. 

Imagine sophistication which elevates your space with timeless elegance. 

Its intricate and unique patterns is where art converges with functionality.

What is Burl Wood?

Burl wood comes from irregular growth on trees. Think of natural wooden patterns with swirling grains. Its unique patterns make it a favorite with artisans to create exquisite furniture with mesmerizing designs. 

Get ready to bask in the beauty of a burl wood dresser with these curated picks from leading brands:

1. Modern Burl Wood Dresser

Symmetrical six-drawer dresser solid burl wood dresser with niche handles in the panel

Shop directly from The Home Depot

Last Updated Price: $285.75

Modern yet chic, this burl wood dresser has it covered. If you like a seamless finish then this dresser could be the one for you. 

The handles are embedded into the panels of the drawers not only making it minimalistic but also safe for children and they won't be banging into it. 

Styling tip - If you are free-spirited and like to experiment with quirky looks, pair this with a Round Nightstand from our curated list. The contrast in shapes will add an interesting dynamic to your bedroom.

2. Bleached Burled Wood Dresser

Dark wood six-drawer dresser with vintage silver handles keeping the dresser sophisticated and classy

Shop directly from Burke Decor

Last Updated Price: $838

If your vibe is to bask in the morning sun in your bedroom, then this dresser could perfectly complement your lifestyle. The light-bleached burl wood panels emphasize the grain pattern making it a stellar standout piece. 

The white is harmonious with the burl wood pattern and it is all tied together with the minimal knobs on the dresser. 

Pro tip - The compact size of the dresser is ultimate for any tiny nook that you want to vamp up. 

Styling tip - Match it with a similar Bleached Burl Wood Side Table for an overall cohesive look.

3. Sleek Burl Wood Dresser

Single-row white dresser with bleached burl wood panels on the front

Shop directly from Burrow

Last Updated Price: $1,899

Check out this sleek minimal burl wood dresser. The unique placement of the handles for the drawers adds to the sophisticated allure of the dresser.

Pro tip - This dresser can be a great beginner purchase as the light brown shade and simple design is sure to pair well in any setting. 

4. Light Burl Wood Dresser

Sleek walnut 6-drawer dresser with built-in niche handle to pull out the drawers

Shop directly from Lulu and Georgia

Last Updated Price: $3,999

The grain pattern on this dresser will leave the looker mesmerized. The lack of handles adds to the coherent look of the dresser, making it an art piece in itself. 

Styling tip - Amp up the space with a dramatic dresser like this one while maintaining the balance by utilizing a White Boucle King Bed

5. Solid Burlwood Dresser

Light wood 6-drawer dresser with unique burl wood  pattern on the drawer panel

Shop directly from Arhaus

Last Updated Price: $3,999

Combine functionality and style with this solid burl wood dresser with an intricately stunning timber pattern all over it making it a statement piece for your bedroom. 

Pro tip - The massive trunk-like appearance is ideal for bigger spaces where you might want to fill up the emptiness of the room. 

Styling tip - Go big or go home, pair this dresser with a grand Gold and Black Velvet Bed to accentuate your bedroom to the fullest. 

6. Chestnut Burl Wood Dresser

Solid dark burl wood dresser with invisible handles giving it a smooth finish

Shop directly from Wayfair

Last Updated Price: $5,736.00

Does vintage furniture excite you? Check out this vintage-inspired Chestnut dresser with antique silver handles. 

Imagine this dresser in a cozy nook of your bedroom with a vast contemporary art piece above. 

This dresser may not be for everyone, but that makes it unique and special to those who own it. 

Styling tip - Pair it with a Traditional Black Tufted Bed from our curated list to be on theme with the vintage chic style of the bedroom

Have we gotten you envisioning your space in your head? We hope you’ve found the right Burl Wood dresser to match your vibe. 

And if you’ve got left wanting more of Burl Wood, check out some our other curated picks:

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