Green Bar Stools - Olive to Emerald, a Stool to Admire

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September 11, 2023

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Is green the new trendy color to liven up your interiors?

Well, it doesn’t really matter, because green in interior design is truly evergreen. 

Be it a breakfast nook or bar table, green bar stools are here to breathe life to your space. 

We’ve got you covered with our curated list of green bar stools of different shades:

1. Olive Green Bar Stools

Olive green linen upholstered bar stool with a solid wooden base and footrest completed with a circular base

Shop directly from Serena & Lily

Last Updated Price: $2,238.00

Olive green is a muted, earthy green color resembling the shade of ripe olives. This earthy bar stool with its dark wood base makes for a cozy and luxurious appeal. 

This versatile bar stool can also be used as seating in a breakfast bay due to its comfy appeal. 

Design tips - Are you looking for a matching side console for a breakfast or prep table? Check out this Acrylic Horseshoe Console Table from our list for a contemporary twist. 

2. Forest Green Bar Stools

Luxuries forest green velvet upholstered bar stools with black base and golden accents in the bottom

Shop directly from Homary

Last Updated Price: $319.99

Forest green is a deep, rich shade of green reminiscent of the color of trees and foliage in a dense forest.

The above bar stools are certain to add richness and luxury to any space. The added golden accents that also function as a footrest elevate this from any ordinary footrest. 

The beautiful velvet fabric would look immaculate in a bar setting as it will pair well with glass and dark tones. 

Design tip - Use a black marble countertop for your home bar with these green bar stools. 

3. Dark Green Leather Bar Stools

Velvet upholstered dark green bar stools that have an edgy vibe and dark wood base

Shop directly from Homary

Last Updated Price: $310

Dark green is a deep and subdued shade of green that appears close to black, often associated with nature and elegance. The addition of leather makes for a rebellious vibe and quirky interiors. 

Sure to pair well with dark interiors try emphasizing the texture and color by using warm spotlighting. 

Quick tip - If you like to maintain continuity then try adding this Pebble Forest Green Accent Chair to your living room. 

4. Green Velvet Bar Stools

Green velvet bar stools with comfortable back rest and unique design and copper metal backrest

Shop directly from Anthropologie

Last Updated Price: $598

Velvet is the material where touch meets luxury in a sumptuously smooth embrace. This mellow green upholstered bar stool has the design and sophistication of an accent chair. 

The added gold accent as a footrest makes for a comfortable seating experience perfect for a breakfast bar or side console. 

Design tip - While styling this green bar stool, use natural elements like potted indoor plants, dreamcatchers, and macrame wall hangings for a whimsical interior setting. 

5. Lime Green Bar Stools 

Lime green acrylic bar stools with a retractable cylindrical metal base and footrest

Shop directly from Wayfair

Last Updated Price: $102.99

Lime green is the electrifying burst of color that commands attention and radiates energy anywhere. A bright color like this might intimidate some from incorporating it into their space.  But with our help, you can make a spectacular and memorable setting by styling these pieces.

Ideal for a bar counter, the pop of color is certain to brighten up and add fun to the otherwise dim mood of the bar. 

Quick tip - You can use these Modern Concrete Pendant Lights instead of a heavy chandelier to add to the contemporary feel of the space while bringing in the class. 

6. Emerald Green Bar Stools

Emerald green washed out metal bar stools that is very versatile and easy to maintain

Shop directly from The Home Depot

Last Updated Price: $75.42

Ending the list with something simple and versatile. These emerald green metal bar stools can be perfect for outdoor spaces. It is easy to move around and super stackable. 

The bright color and rustic metal appearance of the bar stool makes for a perfect picnic-like setting in the outdoors and a friendly, young, and hip vibe in the interiors. 

Quick tip - Style it with this Boho Rattan Lamp from our list for added fun and hippie vibes. 

We’ve made it to the end, and hope you find our green bar stool picks inspiring. 

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